Do not explain, come again Why do ads like to use stars instead of ordinary people (TV shopping retreat) to endorsement? Remove the star's own appeal, advertisers are more considered by the star's own influence and social effects. Sentence sentence vernacular, as long as you read the ad, I feel the top of the people also pleasing to the eye, can take a look at the advertising to push the product is what is enough. Come back, why beats do not seem to make much effort to suddenly so tall. Cause a word can be summarized, it is the product to a group of influential people to help it to promote. It just needs to find that deepening is enough. Just as I would have known such a question and then launched the same answer. The repetition of lies is truth.

To deep thinking, but also out of such a result:

1. Design for the first, compared to other manufacturers of headphones, its design is unique, and nice. To know that consumers are the first to perceive the appearance, but rather a normal person would like to show themselves, different times. Saoqi, unique design, virtually, it will have the influence and need to ensure that the exposure of the people of the basis of the cluster. Good product definition, sometimes as long as the appearance of good enough to. As for the sound quality is good or bad, that such a private thing, or benevolent see benevolent wise see it. Anyway, people are not selling sound quality. Cooperation. (1) cooperation with artists. Please endorsement, send headphones free use, a dedicated section and so on. (2) channels. In the same design for the first, for the crowd a high level of consumption, shop shop wide, to join the public, to create a brand effect of the shop push, 3. leveraging. 1. Use the star, get the eyes, to attract users, word of mouth + envy heart, spread, to achieve the purpose of the first word. 2. The use of Apple's channel media to attract high-end consumer groups. In the final analysis, it is enough to meet people's aesthetic, but also to cater to the advantages of a small number of children, so it looks like a boring fire.