How is the freight calculated?

Shipping according to the user to choose the way of delivery, the total price of goods and the city of goods to these three conditions to calculate the goods within the cart $ 100 free shipping (except for delivery areas). What sort of logistics services does Beats use?

Beats support the delivery methods are: courier door-to-door, logistics, door-to-door, since the mention of the door, usually choose the house will be fast, the exchange of courier and home delivery delivery. Support cash on delivery?

Beats support national cash on delivery, but not all regional cash on delivery services can be sent, please check the city to support cash on delivery. Do not register to buy goods?

No, it is recommended that you log in to the purchase account, you can get Beats to provide you with the preferential price. How does the return loan return?

Online payment, the refund will be refunded to the payment method you are using. If you pay with online banking, you will be refunded directly to the bank account you are using. If you use Alipay's pre-deposit service, you will be refunded to the balance in. Cash on delivery, our customer service will agree with you a specific way of refund. How to handle the return policy?

Need to apply for return please first contact our customer service, the specific matters our customer service colleagues will communicate with you in detail. How long does it take to confirm your order?

Beats will be shipped within 72 hours after the order review. The delivery time will be delivered according to the time specified when you created the order. Please keep the contact information so that you can notify Beats if you meet the legal holiday. How is the coupon used

Beats from time to time through various channels to the user to send Beats coupons, coupons will include face value, consumption limits and effective time. The meaning of the consumption limit is that the coupon can only be used if the order amount reaches the consumption limit. Only one coupon can be used for each order. Coupons can be used directly in the purchase process. The coupon will be canceled when the order is canceled. Sign up to enter the verification code after the prompt "verification code is not correct", how to solve?

Please follow the steps below: Close all Beats pages, clear all cookies in the Internet option, close the browser, reopen the browser, enter the purchase network registration page, press Ctrl and F5 key to refresh the registration page, you can successfully verify.