To ensure that the user's personal information security, is beats to carry out the basic premise of the business.

We are deeply aware of the importance and exclusivity of your personal information to you, so we will be extra cautious when we store and process the information you share with us, and ensure that the precautions are thorough and safe.

Your trust is the highest honor we are trying to maintain. To this end, we will only collect the minimum amount of information under your permission and use it only for the intended purpose. We will not acquire your personal information and will not provide information to third parties without your knowledge.

We are committed to the security and maintenance of your information security, we beats the use of advanced data security technology and strict internal management processes, from software and hardware to strengthen the security level. Especially based on the powerful beats defensive security encryption technology, so that we can be beats applied to our systems and products for beats users to provide more professional security precautions.

We are committed to continuous improvement, to bring you more advanced digital life experience. To this end, we will continue to explore at the same time, make the greatest efforts to maintain your information security, and then win your vital understanding and trust.