thank you for purchasing the beats product. beats "easy to enjoy the luxury" service concept, I hope you buy the goods are the most satisfactory. So when you receive the goods feel dissatisfied, we will be happy to provide you with after-sales service.

Return policy

For the sale of goods under the following circumstances, beats commitment from the date of receipt of customers within 7 days, we will provide full return service (except freight): the goods are not used, no damage, no pollution, goods and packaging to keep beats Sale of the original status, purchase documents and invoices (such as issuing) complete, and accessories, gifts complete (tag is not cut, not used, not washed), does not affect the second sale of the case.

Note: 1) return shipping costs borne by the buyer (due to the quality of goods or distribution errors arising from the return issue, please advance the postage, we will be refunded in the latter part with you!). We hereby accept that you have refused to return the mail to the express mail, registered letter and courier form. 2) temporarily do not accept the replacement needs.

The following conditions of the goods shop does not provide return services:

1) Goods received for more than 7 days (subject to customer receipt).

2) have been dressed, washed, defaced, damaged goods.

3) contact with the skin underwear merchandise.

4) has been modified, processed after the goods.

5) tag, accessories, gifts, all kinds of packaging defective goods.

6) has issued an invoice missing altered product.

7) non-beats regular merchandise, no corresponding purchase records.

8) the same customer before there are many malicious return phenomenon.

9) There is no "return label affixed", not in the "list of goods" on the details of the return of goods returned to the reasons for the return or return.

10) shop to buy the goods, not online store return; offline store to buy the goods can not be returned in the shop.

11) Returned back by express mail, registered letter and courier form.

"Three packs" of shoes

1. "Three Guarantees" period: natural leather fabric for three months, non-natural leather fabric for two months to sell the effective date of the shoes from the calculation.

2. "Three Guarantees" content

1) Baotui: A. Where in the first month within the broken, broken with, cross-section, broken foot quality of one of the problems; B. Where the quality of the replacement for some reason can not exchange; Not wearing new shoes are not double, shoes, different sizes or one of the shoes appear nail head.

2) Baohuan: A. Where in the first week of the vamps appear serious fall off, pan-nitrite, folder one of the serious decolorization, the exchange of similar shoes; B. Where in the "three packs" period the following quality problems One of the same, the exchange of similar shoes: broken at the end, broken with, off the face, cut off the foot, to help the end of the broken line, nail foot uneven, small face off, open plastic,

3. The following circumstances do not assume the "three packs" responsibility

1) the goods or consumers who express the "processed goods" are not covered by the "three packs" in the improper maintenance (such as rainy day, washing, touching acid, alkali, oil, touching hard objects)

2) more than the "three packs" of the validity period;

3) consumers can not provide shoe certificate or other valid evidence.

The little care of shoes

1) shoes can not be damp, rain dip, water brush, such as inadvertently water, should be wiped with dry cloth as soon as possible stains, paper into the shoes to support the upper, ventilated dry and dry dry. 2) Avoid sun exposure, washing, roasting and using chemical solvents. Should be applied with the same color shoe or shoes and soft cloth can be wiped. (Except for special materials) 3) shoes, please wear with similar color socks. 4) special leather maintenance methods: matte skin, anti-fur shoes avoid wet water and shoe polish, the application of shoes brush gently wipe stains. 5) Canvas shoes in the washing must be sure to use neutral detergent cleaning stains, and avoid the shoes soaked in water, to avoid sun exposure, clean and ventilated dry and dry place dry and dry.